radio_imageWe seek out new talent to join the Cosmic Vibe family. We create and deliver a unique edutainment experience. Our goal is to change lives through our unique artistic expressions. This is our mission and our passion. If it is yours too, then we want to hear from you. We only ask that you consider each of the following before submitting your application. You must:

  • Have a focus and drive to allow your art (e.g. music, visual, literary, performing, etc.) to speak for you
  • Focus on delivering a unique universal and educational message, product, and experience
  • Be open to learning, contributing, and sharing with other cosmic vibe artists
  • Live more than for yourself
  • Be an exemplar for others


Manage your career and receive great benefits. Co-create cosmic vibrations as a valuable partner. Complete our application form to tell us more about your artistic expression and who you are as an individual, band, group, or talent.

  • Earn royalties through our profit sharing compensation model
  • Receive marketing, promotion, distribution, and management
  • Change lives through your unique artistic expression
  • Earn discounts on music and merchandise

Talent Application

Currently the unique art form we are creating is literary and music. We intend to add visual, performing, and management in the near future.
This an be from any of the following sites: YouTube, Vimeo, Sound Cloud, Reverbnation, etc...

Maximum file size: 16.78MB

This can be any of the following file types: .mp3, .wav, .pdf, .doc, .mp4, .mov, .avi, etc...