• Silence (feat. Shinshuri)
  • Mythic Riches
  • Change Your Ways (feat. Ayla)
  • Be Okay
  • Well of Faith
  • Embrace Unknown Certainy
  • Strong
  • Release and Let Go
  • Unleash Your Greatness (feat. Don Slimz)
  • Where Do We Go from Here (feat. Sage)
  • Unchain My Mind
  • Accept Your Innate Power (RITMO)
  • Make No Excuses (feat. Don Slimz)
  • Live Empowered (feat. Don Slimz)
  • An Introduction to Unconditional Love

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Cosmic Vibe is an eclectic blend of artistic expressions derived as a unique art form. It is a powerful, harmonizing, creative force expressed through the movement of literary arts, sound, visual, and performing arts. Cosmic Vibe artists desire to co-create a new reality and experience of living through their own unique artistic expression.

Cosmic Vibe Music is the first art form launched through this unique artistic expression. The music we create is a harmonizing, creative force that is consciousness expressing through the movement of sound energy. Musicians, vocalists, poets, and rappers bring together every musical genre into one harmonic frequency to create new musical thought forms through the language of sound.

This musical genre is an eclectic blend of musical flavors combined into one holistic experience to excite, empower, and provoke creativity through one cosmic message–unconditional love. Unconditional love is the expression of oneness and life through sonic vibrations. Our universal message is harmonically expressed through spoken word, meditation, rhythm and blues, hip hop/rap, rock, new age, jazz, neo soul, country, house/electric, dance, drums, beats, folklore, bluegrass, and more. Other Cosmic Vibe artistic expressions to be launched include: literary, visual, and performing arts.

Cosmic Vibe is frequency, vibration, creation, nothingness, absoluteness, divinity, consciousness, breath, sound, oneness, purity, and unconditional love expressed in and through every art form.

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Album revenue supports Zero Debt college education at OT Academy and our artists.

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