About Berdache

artistimage_berdache2Sage (born Joseph Jeremiah Stewart) and Homo Habilis (born Khaalis Hashim-Akil Jalal) met in 2010 while attending Florin High School in Sacramento, California. Homo Habilis graduated class of 2010 and Sage graduated Class of 2011.

Their paths crossed again while attend Consumes River Community College where they were both enrolled in a commercial music ensemble course. They worked on their first project to create the song Learn & Grow and the group Berdache was born.

Berdache is an European word to define a Native American belief known as Two Spirit. This dynamic duo are equivalent spiritual talents. Homo Habilis produces and writes while Sage writes and produces. Together they co-create music of meaning that connects humanity to divinity. Their music is accented with colors of jazz, neo soul, and hip hop combined with a power cosmic message.


Children of the Sun is our current project.


Awesome neo-soulistic, hip-hop

Our music is cosmic experience that takes the listener on a journey expressed as one harmonic melody–called two spirit. We are Berdache! Enjoy our music.

  1. 1Mythic Riches
  2. 2Strong