Vintage Collection 2015


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This premiere album release is a compilation of the talented artists emerging from the Cosmic Vibe edutainment family and genre. Get the full album and ignite your soul.

  1. An Introduction to Unconditional Love
  2. Make No Excuses (feat. Don Slimz)
  3. Release and Let Go
  4. Live Empowered (feat. Don Slimz)
  5. Mythic Riches
  6. Strong
  7. Where do we go from here? (feat. Sage)
  8. Unleash Your Greatness (feat. Don Slimz)
  9. Silence (feat. Shinshuri)
  10. Change Your Ways (feat. Ayla)
  11. Be Okay
  12. Unchain My Mind
  13. Well of Faith
  14. Accept Your Innate Power (RITMO)


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